Beger DeckStain

Beyer decent flooring, wood flooring, wood furniture, exterior The type of film on the show.
The film is against the sun, rain resistant to trample. Wood Saloon Field furniture Beger DeckStain penetrates into the sun, dew, and weather. Prevents color problems, fungus and wood deterioration.

Application area: Suitable for all types of outdoor flooring. Softwood and hardwood floors such as decking, walkways, wood floors. Wood Floors, Walkways, Swimming Pools, Roof Terraces, Balcony Stairs, Furniture Stairs And wooden flooring, dressing, etc.
The covered area:    70-80 square meters / gallon
solvent:    Thinner M-1199
Size:    , ¼ gallon and 1 gallon


Deep into the wood Tightly sealed with Super Resin film, so it does not break.
The UV Guard protects the wood from all weather conditions.
Excellent abrasion resistance.
Wood is breathable, but the wood is still moisture.
Concentrated formula is very easy to use.
Prevent termites, insects, wood and fungus.
The film is smooth. Easy to clean
Safe for users and the environment. With advanced safety standards EN71 from Europe

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