BegerShield Supergloss Enamel

Topcoat (oil)
grade Ultra Premium  
type coating shadow
areas, the paint 50-65 m / gallon / way
to mix colors from a color Bayer color design.

High Quality Premium Oil Prevent the adhesion of dust and dirt have excellent


Ultra Dirt Repellent Reduces dust and dirt from pollution on film.
Ultra Stain Resistance Reduces the absorption of stains in the household.
Ultra Sagging Control Can be very Not flowing while
High shine, no yellow
UV-resistant in sunlight and extreme weather conditions.
Ultra Low Odor, the latest addition to Less-Odor Hydrocarbon (HC) Fluids, results in a 30 times lighter odor than conventional oils.

Oil Beyer Farrow. Exterior and interior The Beyer Way It is the first coloring company to produce the most efficient coatings. And protect the surface from dust or dirt. It is also resistant to lime, concrete, lime and lead-free mercury (LOW VOCs).

How to use
Steps and systems of use

Step 1 Surface preparation

Grind the old paint and then sanded with sandpaper to remove stains, rust and stains. Scrub the old paint that rust and rust out or use a peanut colorizer.
Clean dust, grease, and other dirt. Use fine sandpaper to smooth. And get rid of dust.

Step 2: Paint the primer
Taisser Russ Card Anti-rust primer for all metal surfaces. Infiltrate into the metal surface, immediately stop rust.

Red Beige Coating Red Primer BAY955
Beyer Shield Beige Wood Primer-966
Aluminum Beyer Shield B-977

Stage 3: Overlaying
Painted Baerch Shade Reduces dust retention and absorption. Keeps the film fresh and shiny.

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