BegerShield Diamond Supergloss Enamel

Topcoat  oil
grade   Ultra-Premium
Type Film  shadow
areas, the paint   50-60 m / gallon / trip.
You can mix a color from the Color Mixer Bayer color design


Color film is strong, smooth.
Weather resistant
The color of the area is very good value.
No mercury and lead.
Can be mixed through a beyer mixer.
The Diamond Film is a strong, durable, and beautiful diamond.
ECO-Wellness Innovation is the first non-mercury, lead and heavy metal color primer and topcoat.

How to use
Can be used with cement wall to cut the edges. Structural iron, railings, railing, machinery, bridges, boats, trucks, tractors, doors, windows or jambs. And all kinds of special durability. Ideal for use in the kitchen, bedroom, school, hospital, residential building, office, restaurant, etc.

Steps and systems of use

Step 1. Surface preparation
Old surface: Scrub the old paint deterioration and Surface cleaning The surface of the steel to rust out. 9119
New Surface: Clean the surface free of dust and dirt, in the case of a wooden surface. The surface should be smooth before cleaning the surface.

Step 2.

The surface is steel. Apply 1-2 drops of Red Beige Shield Diamond-1024 to dry for at least 5-6 hours before painting.
The case is an old wooden surface. Apply 1-2 drops of Bayer Shield Diamond B-1600 to dry for at least 8-10 hours before painting. In the case of a new wood surface (no rubber), paint the base of aluminum Beyer Shield diamond B160, leaving it to dry for at least 8-10 hours before painting.
Step 3: Overlaying
Apply 2 drops of Bayer Shield Diamond Super Gloss Enamel, leaving the first coat at least 8-10 hours before applying the next coat.

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