Beger WoodStain Beyer Wood Dye

Application area: Suitable for all types of exterior / interior wood. Both softwood and hardwood, such as walls, wall framing, doors, windows, eaves gabled wooden slat fence, etc.
The covered area:   70-80 square meters / gallon / trip
Solvent:   Thinner M-1199        
Size:  , ¼ gallon. And 1 gallon.


Deeply penetrating into the wood. Tighten Super Resin The color is not broken.
100% translucent color display with Clear Crystal
UV protection is excellent with UV Guard.
Wood breathable Waterproof, but also moisture.
Color film is flexible, so it does not crack the nylon.
Prevent mold and fungus.
Film color is not smooth.
Safe for residents European standard EN71

wood stain

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