Beger Aqua WoodStain

Beyer Water-Based Dye For the use of wood walls, easy to dry, odorless. Features of the product is 1. Formulation available. No need to mix water. 2. Dry can return to the area within 7 hours. 3. Use both real wood and artificial wood.
No odor Dry back into space. For interior wood walls that do not require odor, oil or thinner interference, and want to return to the area quickly after repair, especially renovation resort hotels, hospitals, bedrooms, wood sticks, water, Beger AquaStain water. Access to the area within a day, do not mix thinner. Available in a variety of colors.

Application area: Suitable for all types of exterior / interior wood. Softwood floors and hardwoods such as walls, lintels, doors, windows, gable windows, slats, lattice doors, etc.
Covering area:   50 square meters / gallon / trip
Solvent:   diluted with clean water. Should not exceed 5-10%
Packing:  ¼ gallon and 1 gallon (3.5 liters).


Unsurpassed smell for residents and the environment. European standard EN71
1 hour of fast drying paint, can be returned to the area within 1 day.
Deep penetration with Nano-Acrylic adds adhesion. And flexible. Color film is not flattened.
100% transparent film with crystal clear display.
Protect from UV rays and sunlight with UV Guard.
Wood is breathable, but the wood is still moisture.
Antifungal And insects eat wood.
Contains over 72 shades through a color mixer.

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