SGCB Bug Stain Remover 500ml ( SGFB024)

❖Strong decomposition ability, easily remove insect corpse, seam stains and gum, without damaging the surface
❖Safe, with no damage to the coating
❖Fragrance factor is added, not pungent

★Operating of vehicles to be washed: evenly spray the parts with insect corpses and old glue and wait for about 30 seconds, then directly spray the pre-wash solution for the following steps of car washing. 
★Normal operating: first, wet the surface and spray the remover onto the tools (towel, a brush, etc.) Second, wipe up the areas one by one Third, immediately rinse off with clear water after one area is wiped up. 
★For the hard-handled site, wipe it again and then immediately rinse it with water. Repeat the above steps.

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