SGCB All Purpose Cleaner 500ml (Alkaline Based) (SGFB019)

❖ Super oil decomposition ability, easily remove heavy oil stains
❖ A dose of multi-purpose, can change the ratio to remove different types of stains
❖ Super concentrated ratio, not pungent ,1:10
❖ Alkaline Based

★When the operating surface is wet, adjust the dilution ratio (1:10-1:1) according to the degree of stains.
★For rims that are modified, brightened, or adopt draw technology, the ratio can be diluted to about 1:15.
★Rinse with clean water immediately after the operation. Spray on the operating tools (towels, brushes, etc.) and operate them one by one in each 
★Wipe the hard-to-handle parts once, rinse them off immediately, and repeat the above steps.

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