SGCB Universal Pad Washer, Red ( SGGD178)

- Universal polishing sponge wash bucket pad washer
- Makes cleaning the polishing pads easier
- No more swirling polish dust with the air
- Very effective and quick handling
- The universal pad washer can also be used as a normal wash bucket for the shampoo.
- 20 Litre Bucket
- The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer is the first pad washer to clean all sponge types.
- It washes and dries at the same time on almost any machine. 
- The Universal Pad Washer cleans normal polishing pads as well as lambskin, hex logic sponge, convoluted foam sponge and much more. 
- The Universal Pad Washer works with almost any machine, Flex, DeWalt, No Swirls!, DAP, Krauss, Black and Decker, Hitachi and many others...
- Cleaning polishing pads has never been easier. 
- For heavily soiled polishing pads, first clean the sponge, then spray the pad cleaner and let it soak in for about 1 minute, then do water in the pad to clean. 
- The polishing pads are cleaned at the lowest level. Higher speeds are used to dry the polishing sponges.

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