SGCB Air Hose Reel 10meter (SGGF004, SGGF023, SGGF024)

Hose Long: 10m
Air Hose Size: 6.5*10mm ,8.0*12mm, 10*14.5mm
SGCB retracable hose reel : giraffe tools patent lock-Optional-position lock-Our hose reel was be operated easy, you can lock the hose at your desired length.
SGCB retractable hose reel for air compressor : automatic hose guide- The Guide can help the hose Orderly tangling when you want to withdrawn it.180° SWIVEL BRACKET: Our hose reel is so flexible, it will follow you and not stiff when you are using it at different angles.
SGCB retractable hose reel lowes: good quality hose- 60 ft hose is made of PVC. with 5FT leading hose. replacable-hose function- The function is designed to adapt in an instant, matching your needs or lifestyle. You can choose diverse hose types and colors as you like. Please flow the instructions as replacing hose.
SGCB retractable hose reel for pressure washer: you can combined hose reels to decorate your workshop to look professional .
SGCB retracable hose reel for Car Wash: you can choose size and adapters you wanna .

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