Hypertint MP 6116 Fast 2K Primer( GREY)

The 6116 is a 2-component high solid primer based on acrylic copolymer resin technology specially designed for high performance automotive refinishing. Its fast-dry properties allows for sanding after 1 hour while 30% air dry.

The 6116 offers various colour shades for the most economical finishes. With the correct use of colour shades, 20% to 30% in cost savings can be achieved due to the minimal number of coats needed. The right colour shade also helps in better topcoat coverage while minimising basecoat thickness.

User friendly, fast drying and very easy application. - Very good filling and hiding. - Can be used for panel and spot repair. - Suitable for all type of topcoats. - Excellent in wet and dry sanding. -

Bare metal, steel, galvanised steel. - Original finishes and cured repaired finishes. - Sanded polyester putty or bodyfiller. - Plastic treated with adhesion promoter.

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