Hypertint Mx 3200 2K 2:1 Clearcoat with Hardener

The 3200 is a 2-component clearcoat based on acrylic polyurethane copolymer resin technology. Its slow dry properties result in excellent coats with a wet and oily look, as well as outstanding gloss retention. This clear over base system coat is specially designed for high performance automotive coatings.

3200 2 : 1 Medium Solid Clear
3201 2 : 1 Medium Solid Activator

Excellent protection from harsh conditions - User friendly,very easy application with good flow properties. - Excellent chemical and weather resistance. - Excellent gloss retention and non yellowing properties. - Can be used for overall,panel and spot repair. - Has excellent buffability.

Apply two layer directly over basecoat/colorcoat with 10 minutes flash time between coats. Upon completetion, allowed 10 min flash before oven bake.

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