BegerShield Art Effects Loft

As a primer and topcoat in one.
Good adhesion, no dust, no dust when used for a long time.
Plain color It is not like a plaster to polish it.
Ready to use plaster, not to pull hands.
Cover the pore, porous holes.
UV resistant, no fading. 
Fungus fungus
Beyer Loft Set consists of

5 kgs of Bayer Loft for use around 10-15 m 3/3
1 liter waxing powder for wall lacquer Approximately 10-15 square meters / 1 round
Thinner M-33, ¼ gallon, to reduce the viscosity of the paint.
*** to get a beautiful loft style. And save time. BA-43 steel trowel is recommended.

*** Consumption rate Depending on the working surface and the weight of the plaster.

How to use
1. Prepare a clean surface from dust.

2. Install the adhesive tape to determine the area to be painted.

3. New mortar with moisture content up to 14% can be painted at all.

      The surface is old mortar. Painted primer B-1500 with 1 round.

4. Round 1 Lofting is divided into areas to mix Thinner M-33 not more than 10%

     Apply BA-43 trowel over the wall where you want to paint or save time. Mix Thinner M-33 not more than 15% and use roller 4 inches rolling over the wall to paint. Allow to dry for about 30 minutes.

     *** If the wall between the plaster. Use a soft sandpaper. And wipe it clean before the second pattern.

5. Creation of 2nd Loaf Mortar To increase the color of the masonry paint with Thinner M-33 increased from the first 5%. Use a trowel BA-43 paint the whole wall like the first round. Wait for about 2 hours.

Find out on the wall is not satisfied. And the walls are not smooth. Apply another coat of paint around 3

6. Waxed with BA-43 trowel.

*** Case that requires shadow walls. With soft cloth


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