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Cleaning, or Surface Preparation, removes stubborn, bonded above surface contaminants, as well as below-surface defects, like stains, blemishes and oxidation. After your car is washed, pass your fingertips over the surface. Do you feel roughness like micro speed bumps on your paint? If so, these are above-surface, bonded contaminants. Generally, you’ll notice this contamination on your car’s horizontal surfaces, but you may also see small, dark spots/ specks on the rear and lower surfaces of a light colored car. Over time, these contaminants will dull your paint and rob your car of its shine. Fortunately, Meguiar’s® Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit includes everything that you need to safely, and easily, remove bonded contaminants. And no, clay bars are NOT only for professional use. If you have ever played with Silly Putty, you can use clay