SGCB Hand Wax Applicator UFO 3cm Thickness Sponge (pack of 5) (SGGD191)


Adopted By Premium Foam Sponge

  • Combined With High Grade Polyester
  • This Kind Of Wax Applicator Pad Is Extra Soft, Smooth At The Finest Level!
  • Reusable, Recyclable, Washable And Not Easy To Get Out Of Shape
  • Reusable For Long-Lasting Lifespan Service!

Soft and Smooth Feeling

  • Unlike The Cheap And Coarse Ones Easy To Cause The Scratches Onto The Sensitive Car Paint
  • Our Wax Applicator Foam Pad Is Featured By Laser Cutting And Edgeless Design, Which Is Very Mild And Gentle To Serve Your Car But Never Does Any Harm!

Containing Innumerable Tiny Holes

  • So Very Breathable And Heat Dissipation To Protect Your Car Paint!
  • Great Ability To Distribute The Wax Evenly And Perfectly
  • But Far Smooth And Flexible To Contact And Fit The Car Paint Fully
  • Avoiding Wasting So Largely Saving Your Expensive Wax!

High Water Absorbent

  • So Also Fit For The Redundant Water Streak And Stain Drying After Wash.
  • With The Large Capacity Of Wax Adhesion, It Can Hold The Wax Steadily And Apply It Perfectly But Keep From Dropping And Wasting!

Multipurpose Application

  • Mainly Used For The Exterior And Interior Of Car Detailing
  • Such As Car Paint Drying, Auto Waxing, Interior Cleaning & Caring
  • Leather Seat, Leather Conditioners And Dressings, Plastic Surface, Ceramic, Wheel, Etc.

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