BegerCool DiamondShield 7 for Exterior

BegerCool DiamondShield 7 for Exterior

BegerCool DiamondShield 7 for Exterior

Topcoat  (water)
Grade  Medium    
kinds of color film  in
the paint  35-40 m / gallon / trip.
Can be mixed with Beyer Color Design


Durable 7 years
25% power savings
Heat reflecting more than 94%
Inhibit dust
Clean yourself
Water and dirt
Solid color Excellent midfield
Abrasion resistant
Prevent alkalis and stains from mortar.
Fungus and algae
Lead-free and Mercury
Free of volatile substances that are harmful to health.

How to use
Protect the house from the deterioration of the paint film from the destruction of sunlight.

Paint system.

Step 1 Surface preparation.
New mortar:  Allow the mortar to dry completely for at least 1 month and have less than 14% moisture content.
Old cement surface:  Scrub old paint deteriorate. The area with fungus or moss must be scrubbed with Beyer mold free M-001.
Tips : Before painting. The surface must be cleaned of dust and debris, or the sandpaper should be thoroughly sanded. Including grease and dirt. Repairing cracks on the surface with Putty Acrylic Foam 200

Step 2: Paint the primer
Newly painted surface or old-fashioned surface. Patent : Beige B-1900 Multi-Purpose Primer Primer.

Allow to dry for at least 1 to 2 hours or paint a B-2900 multi-purpose mortar with water for 2 hours.

For maximum performance, new alkaline primer is recommended. Hot Model No. 6000

Recommendation : For mortar surfaces with a moisture content above 14% but not more than 35%, it is recommended to use a cement mortar primer. Bayer Water Block DO-010 in the first layer and leave for 3-4 hours, followed by a moist primer. Then painted acrylic face over 100%

Step 3: Overlaying  Apply 2 drops of acrylic 100% pure bayay shampoo for 2 hours, leaving the first coat to dry 2-3 hours before applying the next coat.


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