Popular Brand Among Professionals in Malaysia

Since 2008, GM-TECH Auto Care has been a business division of Chemway Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in 1982 for the manufacture and sales of construction and hardware chemicals, cleaning agents for household use, and with setting up of the GM-TECH Auto Care business division, car-care products.

Although initial entries into this segment of the automotive industry looked to German technologies in car-care, yet local conditions, consumer tastes and tropical environments caused us to develop our own research and product development to craft out what we now proudly present as an extensive range of car-care products well adapted to a broad diversity of market demands and operating conditions.

From manufacturing to distribution, sales and professional services, we are able to meet all auto-grooming and detailing needs and offer up to 100 products covering compounds formulated for different body-paint surfaces, refinishing products such as polishes, glazes, coatings, waxes and sealants as well as car washes, degreasers, cleaners, interior care, leather cleaners, conditioners and much more. We offer a one-stop solution service to answer to the needs of the many players operating in the automobile and grooming industry.