Aikka has been involved in automotive paint color innovation since 1990.  Aikka is a well known brand in creative color trend for domestic market as well as international market.  Aikka is the most creative brand in the above aspect.  Aikka is able to invent new creative color which you cannot get it from the original vehicles manufacturers.

Beside the high performance of the engine the color of the vehicle should also be unique and different from other.  Therefore Aikka strongly believed that beside the design of the vehicle, the color of the vehicle is also important and will show the standard of you lifestyle.  Aikka will meet you need.  Our color specialists are very innovative and creative, they always come out with very special unique color to meet your expectation.  Aikka ensure that your vehicle will have the most attractive color.  Aikka color specialists spent a lot of time in R & D to invent very special and unique color that we believe the color will become the future market trend.  Our company creates the special effect colour for valued customers.  For example Brilliant Illusions, Crystal Effect, Brilliant Effect and Pearl Effect.  All the special colour reflect optimum effect.  For your sleek car to be more brilliant & outstanding.