HB BODY S.A. is established in 1982 with the aim to produce and distribute products for the automotive refinishing industry. HB BODY is based in the Industrial Area of Sindos in Thessaloniki, in private-owned establishments. Ninety percent (90%) of its production is exported to seventy-five (75) countries across the world, whilst holding the lead position in the Greek market.


The company employs 250 employees – the number is increasing every year. There is a ratio of two (2) University Degree holders for every five (5) employees. Amongst them are Chemists, Mechanical Engineers, Programmers, and Economists.


HB BODY S.A. is based in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki and in Athens on 120.000m2. There are 90.000m2 of sheltered space, out of which 80.000m² are the warehouse and the production facilities, 10.000m² are the Headquarters, creative design, Research and Development, Quality Control, Training Centre with spray booths, as well as auditorium with a hundred and fifty (150) seats with capacity for automated translation in three (3) languages. This is where painters from all over the world are trained. The investments completed with all the production lines totally automated and with the latest investment the metal printing factory. The vertical integration of the can production is now a fact. It begins with the label design of our products from the Creative Department, the metal printing, the actual making of the can and finally the storing of the cans in our automated robotic logistic warehouse, with capacity of 7000 pallets stored through computerized system. The logistics warehouse is unique in Greece and one of the few in Europe.

ISO 9001.

In 1998, HB BODY S.A. obtained the ISO 9001 certificate by TUV Germany. This certification is an official guarantee for quality assurance in the design development, research, production, distribution and service.

In 2012, the company was awarded as «True Leader» by the ICAP Group, a unique organization which awards companies and Groups - Leaders that fulfill objective and high performance criteria, based on published results.